Making Cat and Dog Surgery as Safe and Pain-Free as Possible in Rye, NH

In addition to performing routine spay and neuter surgeries and dental procedures, our veterinarians and staff can also provide other surgical services to treat or prevent various health issues. At Sagamore Animal Hospital, we completely understand that your pet is a valued part of your family, and that their safety and comfort are important to you. Rest assured that our team will do everything necessary to make their surgery as low-risk and pain-free as possible, while also keeping you fully informed about their condition and when they’ll be ready to return home to you.

To discuss your cat’s or dog’s surgery needs, schedule an appointment with us by calling (603) 431-8785. Or, you can book online.

Care You can Expect for Your Pet

Safety is always our highest priority when treating your pet, and with surgery, we follow strict guidelines to reduce risk. These include:

  • Performing a pre-anesthetic exam and running blood work to assess your pet’s liver and kidney function
  • Administering anesthesia, fluids, antibiotics, and pain relief medication based on your pet’s health, age, and weight
  • Closely monitoring your pet’s vital signs throughout their surgery, including blood pressure, EKG, blood oxygen levels, and respiration
  • Providing warm blankets to keep your companion comfortable and at a safe body temperature
  • Careful monitoring of your pet post-op to ensure that they awaken safely and comfortably from the anesthesia

Post-Surgical Recovery Tips

Before you return home with your pet, our team will take time to answer your questions and provide you with detailed home care instructions. Here are a few things we recommend to ensure your pet has a successful recovery:

  • Check your pet’s incision daily for seepage, swelling, discoloration, and odor
  • Keep the incision clean and dry at all times; that means no swimming or grooming until the sutures are out
  • Putting your pet in an old clean T-shirt or onesie that fits snugly can further prevent them from licking at their sutures
  • Try to limit your pet’s activity so they’re not romping around or roughhousing with other pets

If you have any questions about your pet’s recovery or upcoming surgery, please let us know by calling (603) 431-8785.