Improving Health and Longevity with Pet Wellness Exams in Rye, NH

Wellness exams are a cornerstone of your companion’s health care. They provide us with vital knowledge about your pet’s condition, and help us inform you to make the best choices to maintain their health and extend their lifespan. At Sagamore Animal Hospital, we proudly serve generations of pets and families, offering trusted guidance and building strong relationships to last a lifetime. With annual pet wellness exams, we can monitor your pet’s health, screen for signs of illness, and have in-depth discussions with you about what’s best for their unique needs.

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What a Pet Wellness Exam Includes

A wellness exam has several key components for evaluating and maintaining your pet’s health. These include:

  • A brief discussion with a technician about the reason for your visit, and any health concerns you might have for your pet
  • Checking your pet’s heart, lungs, body weight, and temperature
  • A complete, nose-to-tail physical examination to look for unusual changes such as lumps, lesions, scabs, discoloration, swelling, and pain
  • The appropriate vaccine boosters, if your pet is due
  • Blood work and a fecal exam (please bring a fresh fecal sample) to evaluate your pet for parasites and other issues
  • Recommendations for nutrition, resolving behavioral issues, exercise, and more
  • A refill of your pet’s parasite preventatives, if needed

The Importance of Routine Wellness Exams

Pet wellness exams are a crucial time for us to make sure your pet is as healthy as they can be. They are also the best time for you to bring up any questions and concerns you have, so we can work to resolve them quickly. Dogs and cats tend to hide their pain and illness, so it’s necessary for us to see your pet regularly to make sure no problems have developed. Any issues that do occur and progress over time can be much harder to treat.

Why Your Pet Needs Ongoing Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Protection

Pest prevention is also vital to your pet’s continued good health. Don’t be fooled--even if your pet never sets foot outside, they can still be at risk for an infestation or infection. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes can all find their way into your home! And because these pests can cause illness in dogs and cats, that makes protection even more important. Lyme disease, transmitted by ticks, is just one example of tick-borne illness, which can affect dogs and their humans. Additionally, heartworm disease can be life-threatening to both dogs and cats (and there is no existing treatment for cats that have been infected with heartworms).

If you have questions or need to start your pet on parasite preventatives, contact us at (603) 431-8785.