Offering Guidance on Pet Nutrition in Rye, NH

The quality of your pet’s diet is critical to their growth and ongoing health. Puppies, kittens, adult dogs and cats, and seniors all have unique nutrition requirements that, when met, can greatly improve their quality of life. At Sagamore Animal Hospital, our veterinarians and staff are here to answer all your diet-related questions and help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of pet food options. We’ll discuss your pet’s personal needs and what to expect for them in the future, so they’ll always have the best possible nutrition to support a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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The Importance of Consulting with Your Vet Regarding Pet Nutrition

There are more pet food brands on the market than we can possibly count, and most of them probably aren’t going to benefit your pet’s health. Enlisting your vet to find the right diet for your companion is important because with their knowledge of pet foods and of your pet’s medical history, they know better than anyone else what will work for them. We’ll take all the necessary factors into account to make sure your dog or cat is getting the nutrients they really need. Do they have a chronic illness like diabetes, or urinary issues? Do they need help losing weight? There’s a diet for that.

In addition, all of the pet foods we carry at our hospital (and others that we recommend) are formulated specifically for the needs of just about every pet. Also, they have undergone multiple rounds of testing to verify their quality.

Improve Your Pet’s Eating Habits

Along with providing you with guidance on what to feed your pet, how often, and in what quantities, we also recommend training them to not beg for handouts. While we understand that it’s not always easy to resist the demands of our adorable pets, indulging them with people food can derail their diet and cause them to put on excess weight. Pet obesity is an ever-growing problem for many dogs and cats, and over-feeding treats and giving handouts are often to blame. There are other, healthier ways to show your pet you love them, like keeping them fit and trim with a nutritious and balanced diet!

Is your pet a picky eater? Are they constantly begging for treats? Whatever concerns you have, we can help. Just call (603) 431-8785.