Why is My Cat Peeing on Me (Rye, NH)?

Cats usually pee on people only if there’s something wrong. Different situations may cause a cat to display this type of behavior. If your cat is peeing on you, here are seven reasons why your cat may be behaving like this. There are a lot of proactive things you can do to help your cat stop this behavior.

1. A dirty litter box

Cats are particular about their litter boxes. When their litter box isn’t clean enough, they may tell you they’re upset by peeing on you. It’s not a punishment but just a cry for help. After all, your cat depends on you to feed, water, and provide a spot where they can do their business. A dirty litter box will stress out your cat. The best way to prevent this behavior is to keep your cat’s litter box clean and smelling sweet.

why is my cat peeing on me in rye, nh

2. Your cat is stressed out about another pet

Male cats who feel threatened by another cat or pet in the household sometimes pee on people to mark their territory. Usually, cats leave their scent by rubbing against your legs, face, or surfaces like your furniture. But if they feel insecure with the other pets in the house, they’ll try to surround the house with their scent. Cats like their own scent, and the anxiety of having another pet in the house causes them to want to mix your scent with theirs. Basically, they feel possessive of you and want you for themselves rather than sharing you with another animal. Other signs your cat feels threatened by another pet could be:

  • Urinating outside their litter box to keep other cats away
  • Spraying surfaces
  • Growling
  • Hissing
  • Swatting at the other pet
  • Want to get in between you and the other pet

To help your cat adjust to another pet, introduce them gradually. Give your cat a safe distance, and then move the pet closer. Be sure to show affection to your cat. Cuddle with them so they feel your attention. Offer them treats when they act nice around the new pet to encourage positive behavior.

3. Your cat is sick

If your cat is sick, they might pee on you to try and tell you something is wrong. Illness that could cause a cat to pee on you accidentally include:

  • UTI
  • Overactive bladder
  • Inflammatory disease
  • Brain lesions
  • Birth defects

If your cat suddenly starts peeing on you or the things in the house, make an appointment with your vet to check them to rule out an illness.

 4. Your cat doesn’t like the litter box or litter you use

Some cats hate their litter box or the litter inside the box. They’ll pee on their humans in protest. It’s tricky finding the litter both you and your cat like. Some cats will turn over their litter box to show their dislike. The size of the litter box matters, too. If a litter box isn’t big enough, your cat may stop using it and instead pee on your clothing or you.

5. Your cat has bladder problems

If your cat has a bladder problem, they might accidentally pee on you while sitting in your lap. Bladder problems like a mass, a bladder infection, or old age can lead to urination issues. If you suspect your cat has bladder problems, talk with the vet. They can give your cat medication to help them.

6. Your cat feels scared

Cats are sensitive to their surroundings. If they get scared or feel anxious, they can suddenly pee. Maybe your cat feels unsafe or insecure about something as simple as you moving a box in the house. If your cat is suddenly peeing on you, find out if there is something that could be scaring them.

cat peeing on me

7. There’s a change in the house

Being left alone in the house too long, construction in the home, or a move could cause your cat to pee on you. When their stress reaches a certain level, they run to you for comfort but end up peeing on you.

Here are some suggestions for calming your cat when changes in the house stress them.

Grow catnip-

A way to help your kitty calm down is to grow catnip. Most people think of catnip as a stimulant rather than a relaxant. If you have a closed-in area with catnip, your cat can roll in, eat, or chew on it. Catnip acts as a relaxant and helps their digestion. If your cat is upset by construction workers in the house before the workers show up, give your cat a dose of catnip, and they’ll settle down for a nap shortly afterward. You can also dry the catnip and keep it in jars for future use.

Create Safe Spaces

Be sure your cat has a space of their own for them to escape when they’re stressed. Things that can stress your cat in the house could be things like:

  • Busy toddlers
  • Strangers
  • Dog
  • Vacuum
  • Loud noises

You can lower your cat’s anxiety by giving them an area of their own. Put their scratching tree or high shelf near a window or corner. Help them associate this area that’s safe.

Pheromone spray

These sprays mimic the natural pheromones in cats. These scents help cats relax. You can use them in diffusers or spray them on your cat’s bed. Overall, cat owners who’ve used this spray say it has helped calm their cats who are stressed by changes in the house.


If your cat is peeing on you, something is wrong. They could be sick, frightened by another pet, or stressed by house changes. Whatever the situation, there are proactive things you can do to stop this behavior and restore your cat to its happy, contented self.

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