Best Cat Breeds For People With Allergies in New Hampshire


Why am I sneezing?


There are a few reasons our feline friends make us sneeze and wheeze. They produce something called the feline d1 protein which is in their saliva, dander, and fur. This allergen is what we’re thought to be allergic to. Many of the longer, fluffier haired breeds of cats shed more often and along with it dander. Some cats have coats that make them more or less prone to shedding. There are even “hairless” breeds which while not totally hairless, their downy sparse peach fuzz is magnitudes less than that of a Maine Coon. Below we’ve listed some of the best breeds of cats for you if you feel itchy around felines.

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What can I do to be more comfortable with a cat in my house?


There are many things you can do to try and reduce the amount of allergens in your home while sharing a space with your cat. Some basic improvements you can make in your home are making your bedroom a cat free zone. Having a significant number of hours of your day being free from the constant barrage of pet dander may help improve your symptoms. A high quality air filter in your bedroom or if you have central air, quality filters for your system, can help reduce the amount of dander in your home. Your bedding should be cleaned often and there are covers for your pillow, mattress, and bedding that help reduce allergens as well.


Hardwood floors will gather less dust and debris, so limiting carpeting may aid in your fight. Cleaning often, including dusting will also contribute. Many high quality vacuums have HEPA filters in them now. If you buy a vacuum with a canister instead of bags, make sure to dump them out outside, instead of inside the house. Wash your hands and shower frequently. While it may be hard to remember to do every time, wash your hands after your done touching your pet, especially if you touch your face often. This will help keep the allergens low on your own skin for the next time you need to scratch your nose.

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Grooming your cat is important as well. Each breed will have its own individual needs as far as grooming to keep their dander and shedding low. “Hairless” breeds will need more skin care as well. Consult your breeder, groomer, or veterinarian for more information. Brushing helps remove shedding hair from your cat’s coat before it ends up all around your home. It’s also best to avoid letting your kitty be around your face where you’re most sensitive to their dander. Washing their toys and bedding regularly is also recommended.


The final tip is a new food from Purina called “LiveClear.” This food works to reduce the amount of Fel d 1 protein in the cat’s saliva. The action takes place in the mouth as the cat chews up the food then it is digested like normal protein in the pet’s gastrointestinal tract. Reducing this protein in their saliva reduces the amount then spread to their hair and dander by grooming, reducing the amount of the protein in your home. It will not completely eliminate the problem, but is meant to reduce the numbers in your home. Before changing your pet’s food, especially if they have any underlying health conditions, contact your veterinarian.

So allergy sufferers, you may still be able to have the feline you’ve always desired. But before you run out and adopt a new friend, assess how you can make your home more allergy friendly and think about what kind of cleaning and grooming commitment you want to make before diving in. If you have severe allergies consult your doctor for allergy testing and medication.

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Best Cat Breeds Include:

  • Balinese– These long haired enchantresses are social but not clingy. They are smart and appreciate a balance of play and basking in their glory. They often do well with children and other pets. This low shedding beauty is thought to have less Fel d 1 protein, giving you an option with luscious locks.
  • Devon Rex– These personable energetic beings are thought to be a little mischievous and therefore offer equal chances for both entertainment and frustration, that are probably all well worth it. Their unique look is due to their hair being very thin and fine. Because of this they are are low shedding. You can even wipe down their coat to help spread their natural oils around to help keep them clean. They have few grooming needs.
  • Cornish Rex- These fun loving athletic cats have a curly coat that sits close to their body. Their downy fuzz almost feels like suede.  They also have less hair than many other breeds. Most cats have three hair layers, the top guard hair layer, the middle awn hair layer, and the bottom downy layer. Cornish Rex cats only have the downy layer. Less hair means they have less allergens to spread.
  • Sphynx- Conjuring images of Egypt and science fiction, this “hairless breed” is the most well known. Whether they are stealing the scene in “Friends” or gracing a gracing your Aunt Marylin’s lap, they are very unforgettable. They do have more skin care needs than most cats even though they have little hair. They are in fact not completely alopecic, but may have a sparse fine layer of downy fuzz, so more correctly they are “least haired.” They also still produce dander which can be minimized with bathing to help prevent a build up of oil on their skin.
  • Burmese- Once fast disappearing in it’s origin country, this short silky coated breed may shed just a bit more than some of the others on our list, but has minimal grooming needs. It is energetic, playful, and talkative. With unique personalities they can sometimes be stubborn, but are nevertheless intelligent and fun. They love spending time with you and your other Pets.
  • Oriental Shorthair- Another silky low shedding purr bomb is the Oriental Shorthair. Their short coats need regular brushing and they will reward you with an active and outgoing personality. They may also be very talkative during your grooming sessions.
  • Javanese- If you like the look of a Siamese cat but want something a little less allergenic; then a Javanese cat may be for you. They are a cross between a Balinese and a colorpoint short hair. The absence of an undercoat means that these graceful active cats may only need to be be brushed once a week. They are rare, so you may have to be patient to find one.
  • Russian Blue- This luxurious low shedding cat has a plush silky coat. The outer coat has silver tips giving it a shimmery look, while the downy undercoat lets it feel satiny. This feline also thought to have lower levels of Fel d 1. This breed is thought to be a little shy at first but once they have warmed up to you they are loving and playful. They are also intelligent and calm.
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So allergy sufferers, you may still be able to have the feline you’ve always desired. But before you run out and adopt a new friend, assess how you can make your home more allergy friendly and think about what kind of cleaning and grooming commitment you want to make before diving in. If you have severe allergies consult your doctor for allergy testing and medication.



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